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Pleione Buying Guide

Plants go dormant over the winter which makes Pleione ideal to ship using standard postal services. This is the easiest and safest time to purchase Pleione unless you are buying direct from a supplier at a show.

Pleione need to be fully dormant before bulbs or the bulbils are de-potted and sorted out with the leaves having fallen off and old roots now dried, allowing you to trim them down and treat them to a dip of Spraying Oil or Neem oil to kill off any pests. To protect my own stock I also dip all newly acquired bulbs (no exceptions) before they go anywhere near my collection.

Do not buy Pleione when in leaf unless they are potted up as you risk damage to the delicate root system and the plant could die off completely. Bulbils are often sold in green leaf having being picked from the top old the old bulbs too soon, again only buy bulbils that have no leaf or brown leaf and have gone in to dormancy. Picked off too soon could well result in the bulbils becoming soft and quickly shrivelling up and dying.