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It has come to my attention that some of you have been using photos from this site to aid in selling plants.

Any use of these photos for commercial gain is illegal.
All the photos of mine and my contributors are copyrighted.

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Pleione aurita resize Pleione aurita single Pleione aurita Pleione bulbocodiodes Pleione chunii group Pleione chunii Pleione confirmation Pleione coronaria1 Pleione formosana alba Pleione formosana Cairngorm Pleione formosana lucy diamond 700 Pleione forrestii alba and yellow Pleione forrestii alba Pleione forrestii group from seed Pleione forrestii normal mix Pleione forrestii Pleione forrestii6small Pleione grandiflora c Pleione grandiflora in growth Pleione grandiflora multi resize Pleione grandiflora multi Pleione grandiflora Pleione hookerian and chunii Pleione hookeriana bundle Pleione hookeriana Pleione humilis 2 Pleione humilis yellow low Pleione humilis yellowcloselow Pleione humilis Pleione long lip pleionoides Pleione maculata Pleione pleionoides Pleione pleionoides long lip Pleione pleionoides yunnan Pleione praecox 2 Pleione praecox August 2011 Pleione praecox group Pleione praecox Pleione saxicola Pleione scopulorum Pleione X barbarae pale Pleione x barbarae resize Pleione x barbarae1 Pleione x christianii Pleione xbarb yellow Pleione xbarbarae Pleione yunnanaensis side Pleione yunnanensis (Hans Pakker) Pleione yunnanensis (Hans) Pleione yunnanensis double Thai Pleione praecox jquery lightbox drupalby VisualLightBox.com v6.1



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